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The first step in eradicating something is to educate yourself on it.

Some days it seems like we are climbing a mountain in the fight against human trafficking, but educating yourself is the first step to ending it.

During the Lenten Season, we are offering you a few ways to get involved in the fight against trafficking. 

Join the USCSAHT's Education Resource & Advocacy Working Groups for one or more of these excellent opportunities to learn more about human trafficking. 


Pornography and Trafficking: Unpacking the Symbiosis

Monday March, 27th
1:00pm EST
Dr. Gail Dines
While sex trafficking and porn have both been defined as forms of sexual violence, rooted in a system of gender inequality, what is often overlooked is the way these two industries are culturally and economically linked. This presentation will explore how porn acts as both a method of recruitment into trafficking, and a major driver of demand.  Drawing from empirical research and testimonies from porn performers, trafficked women, and sex buyers, I argue that as long as we have a multi-billion-dollar porn industry, we will always have sex trafficking. The hard-core nature of mainstream porn means that women performers can only tolerate the body-punishing sex for approximately three months, after which they are often trafficked into brothels by their "agents," who act as pimps. Once recruited into the brothels, these women are often forced into "porn sex" by sex buyers whose sexual template and identity were shaped by porn.  By unpacking this symbiotic relationship between porn and trafficking, we can develop a more nuanced theory and practice to abolish all forms of sexual violence.

The Book Club is Back! 

Meet the Author: Wednesday March 29th at 7pm EST. 

Join us for a rare look into a book about the sex trafficking of males. Male survivor and thriver, John Michael Lander shares his story about being an Olympic bound athlete and the vulnerabilities which led him to becoming sexually abused and trafficked. This book will open your eyes to the evil underbelly of sexual abuse and trafficking of athletes! After reading the book, Meet the Author and have time to ask him questions! 

Purchase book Here:  Surface Tension 

Advocating for a World without Slavery:

The U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking are partnering with NETWORK and excited to announce a three-part virtual advocacy training series.

Join Sr. Eilis McCulloh and learn how you can more effectively lobby elected officials and organize your community to work towards "a world without slavery." Over the course of three sessions, we will review the basics of faith-based advocacy, effective models of organizing and lobbying, and update our Letter to the Editor skills.

Session 1--Intro to Faith-Based Advocacy Wednesday, March 8 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

Session 2--How to Lobby and Organize in 2023 Wednesday, March 15 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

Session 3--Letter to the Editor Workshop Wednesday, April 5 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

All sessions will last 1 hour

Please email Sr. Eilis at for more information or register below. 



Native American/Indigenous Communities and their Vulnerability to Trafficking

Wednesday April12th at 1pm EST.  

Join a panel discussion on how Reservation communities are isolated and impoverished and vulnerable to trafficking. As well as their perception by human traffickers that non-Natives cannot be arrested by tribal police. 

Panel Presenters: 

Felicitas Brugo Onetti- USCCB, Anti Human Trafficking Education and Outreach Coordinator

Father Michael Carson- USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church. Assistant Director for Native American Catholics 

Father David Bailey- St Mary Magdalene Church, Flint Texas


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